1. We are caring about you as our Client and because of it, we are trying to make everything so that you could  use our shop with a pleasure. Online shop is lead by Chloe’s Home Ewelina Rybaltowska with main office in Lopuszanska 38H Street, 02-232 Warsaw in Poland.
  2. We fulfill orders  all over the world. To check the price of delivery in Europe, check Delivery and Time of delivery menu, to check how much delivery will cost outside Europe, pleae contact us to hello@chloeshome.pl
  3. To make an order at online shop you have to have:
  4. Internet access and the browser with accepted use of Cookies
  5. You can make orders for 24 hours 7 days in the week
  6. If you want to order by telephone, the shop is open from Monday till Friday in working days from 7.00 – 16.00
  7. Prices are shown in PLN or Euro. All the prices are relevant to time of making an order.
  8. Total price it is an amount of money that will be shown after choosing the way of transport and payment.
  9. There is no minimal amount of an order.
  10. While being in the “basket” stage the Client can:
  11. A Client is making an order by writing his contact data: name, surname, email, telephone and full address. The Client can also give special comments to the order, accept paragraphs about processing personal data and receiving mails with current offers from our shop.
  12. After ordering, the Client should receive an email to the address provided in the registration form which is an agreement about receiving the order.
  13. The order will be fulfilled if products are available in the magazine or at distributors.  If some ordered products are not available any more, Client will be informed about it and will make a decision.
  14. If products are not available, shop may withdraw from the contract within 30 days from the day of order. If Client already paid for the order, Shop will give the money back to the Client within 14 working days from the time of informing the Client about the fact that order cannot be fulfilled.
  15. If Shop cannot partly fulfill an order even for a short period of time, the Shop can suggest other products, the same quality at similar price by informing Client (by email or telephone) that he can resign from the order.
  16. If the Client will not decide to take the suggested product as it was written and already paid for the order, the Shop has to give him the money back for  that missing product within 14 working days from the time of the Client’s resignation.
  17. There is only a limited number of products available during all promotions. Special offers cannot be combined together unless there is it written. Free samples are not subjected to exchange and will not be changed into cash.
  18. In reasonable case shop may refuse or cancel the implementation of an order made by a Client if the Client did collect the package, do not pay for an order or if authenticity is raising doubts.
  19. It is forbidden to publish offensive matter, write untrue information or spam within this webpage.
  20. A payment for a package will be added at the end of the order. The Shop is taking payment for shipping (all costs are written in the bookmark Delivery and return)
  21. A package should be checked with a courier if everything is correct according to the order and if it is untapped and undamaged. If there is any damage of the package or there is lack of product, the courier should have a protocol that the Client has to fulfill with the courier’s presence.
  22. A payment can be made: Bank transfer straight to the account.
  23. According to Polish Law dated on 2nd March 2000 about the Protection of consumer rights and the responsibility for hurting by a product (Dz.U. No. 22, item 271), a Consumer can resign from products without writing explanation within 10 days from receiving an order by writing a statement until this time to the Shop.
  24. Delivery is paid by the Client.
  25. A product which will be sent back should be delivered to the following address: Chloe’s Home, Lopuszanksa 38H, 02-232 Warsaw, Poland.
  26. Nobody is allowed to copy, modify or spread content, photos and logo without permission of producers – Chloe’s Home or Administrator.
  27. All products offered in the Shop have 24 months accountability for misalign with the agreement according to the act about special conditions for consumer sale  27th July 2002 (Dz.U. No.141, item 1176 with amendments).
  28. All complains according to accountability for misalign with the agreement should be send in written form on email: hello@chloeshome.pl with the title “COMPLAINS”.
  29. In complains the Client should write strict reasons why he thinks that the product is misalign with the agreement, the time and order’s number, the time of receiving an order, the time when the defect was notices, Client’s contact data and Shop’s data, what are Client’s expectations and Client’s signature.
  30. The Shop has 14 working days after recieving an complains to look into the complain and answer it.
  31. Together with sent product the Client should attached a letter with reasons why he thinks the product is misalign with the agreement, provide the order’s number, Client’s account number if he wants to give the product back and contact details.
  32. If the Shop acknowledges Client’s complain, the Client has to choose if he wants to have the product repaired or get a new one. If the product is not available the Shop can give the Customer the money back or offer him a different product which is similar price.
  33. The cost of delivery may be given back if only the Shop considers compliance positively.
  34. An opinion about compliance will be sent to the Client via email address or by post – as the Client wrote in the correspondence.
  35. If the Shop will positively consider compliance, it will act as fast as it is possible.
  36. The Shop sends a written acceptance about giving the money back or providing a new product.
  37. If the complaint is considered negatively, the Shop will contact the Client by mail concerning sending back product – either delivery will be paid by the Client or the product will be destroyed.
  38. In case the complaint will be considered positively and  the Client will choose to take the money back, the Shop will transfer the money into Client’s account or by postal office transfer. This information will be fixed with Client via email.
  39. The issues not regulated in this Regulations legal provision of civil codes, act from 02.032000 concerning protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by danger product and act dated on 27th July 2001 about Personal data protection and changes in Civil Code.
  40. The Privacy Policy of the webpage provides protection of personal data as well as act dated from 29te August 1997 about personal data protection.