Harnesses-dress MONTREAL pink


Your animal will look unique in the street.

Practical and fashionable way to walking for small fashion. That harnesses are special profiled in arm area so that they do not harm your animal while walking and are delicate for even long hair of your animal. That model is also easy and fast in putting on what is important especially for the one who don’t like harnesses put on head.

Material that is used for that harnesses is high quality linen and cotton. Inside they are made from meshwork that allows skin to breath. Each piece is ending by elegant piping. Flounce at the end shows that your animal know what is hot and you want your animal to look unique.


Your animal will look unique in the street.

Harnesses-dress MALIBU are hook up by 2 ways. By velcro under the belly and for buckle in the neck. Under the neck there is a regulator that helps to tailor that area.

Flounce will hold your girl to look feminine. Ribbon sewn in along the harnesses look beautiful. Semicircle that is sewn in you will easily pin the leash and could go for a walk.

Harnesses-dress has 5 sizes:

XS – length of harnesses 20cm, obwód 28-32cm

S – length of harnesses 22cm, obwód 33-37 cm

M – length of harnesses 25cm, obwód 38-43cm

L – length of harnesses 30cm, obwód 43-49cm

XL – length of harnesses 32cm, obwód 48- 54cm

Harnesses are available in few sizes. If you are not sure about the size, please write to us – we will help you with choosing the best one for your animal.

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XS, S, M, L, XL

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