Car seat PARIS gray


Do you like to travel with your dog or cat? If your animal loves to driving with you, remember to do it safety. Car seat is not only very comfortable and is the best place for your puppy to sleep in the car but even more it is the most safe place in case of accident.

Car seat is designed in sport style and fits into DAKAR collection. Red connect with black materials. Inside we designed it from very practical material that has smaller absorption of water and dust than traditional material. In each side and in the back there are zips so that you could easily remove all pillows from inside and was hit – we understand that some animals has motion sikness and you will need to was hit often.

As in all royal beds, alsohere in the front there is embroiderry with crown. Because of small bon etat is removable, car seat is even more charming. In the bone we could make embroidery of your puppy name up to 9 letters.


Optional embroidery

We will embroider your pet’s name or initials on the ankle (maximum 9 characters).

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Safety is the most important

For the safety reasons, inside car seat we put 2 small leashes so that your cat or dog will stick in the seat and in case of accident they will not fall into front window. To stabilize the car seat in the back there are two wholes where you are putting your car seats. We have also other belt that you could put after your seat and lower lenght of that belt to fit ideal to the seat.


Car seat is available in one size – 65 cm x 45 cm

Size of bed is counted by the buttom of bed.

If you are not sure about the size, please write to us to – we will help you with choosing the best one for your animal.

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