Beautiful weather and our bag BERLIN – this is an ideal set. BERLIN collection is dedicated for those who like to look unique and knows that always elegant houndstooth check will look always unique.

BERLIN bag is relevant for middle and small dogs and cats up to maximum 3,5-4kg. From the outside it is created from the best quality materials that resist less dust and dirt than average materials. The most fashionable this year velvet is combined with timeless houndstooth check and it looks stylish. You couldn’t just walk by this bag.

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Ecru color will match to a lot of stylizations. Inside is tailored from very applicative material that is in universe color so that hair or sand won’t be very visible and resist less dust and dirt than typical materials, the same as material from inner side.

Inside you could find small pocket where you could put your wallet, keys, foils for poop or other useful stuff for a walking. For the safety reason, inside there is special belt with piton you could attach to your dog or cat for harnesses, collars or blouse with hook so that your animal will not fall from the bag while going with him.

BERLIN bag – it’s the most beautiful combo with bright colors in the market and accessories nobody won’t pass indifferently. There are two facilities – in the middle of handle there is special material that prevent our shoulder and arms against encroaching and second – there is second, longer belt. We will appreciate it especially during long  trips. This belt is removable.

In the same pattern you could buy BERLIN harnesses, leashes, bed, box for toys or car seats.

Dimensions: 43cm long, 27cm high, 17cm width; floor dimensions: 35cm x 17cm, High with belts: 50cm Ideal for cats and dogs with maximum 3,5-4kg.

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