Bag VIENNA gray


VIENNA bag is a combination of austrian care about all details and high quality of materials together with minimalistic style. Together it makes you bag a beautiful accesory and practical way of travel to your dog and cat.

VIENNA bag are made so that the size of your animal will be the least perceptible for you and he will be relaxing.
From the outside, ba gis made by elegant and luxurious droped material that resists less water and dust that typical materials. At the top it is created by small patterns.

To make tha bag the most comfy, inside it is made by soft velvet material. Ergonomic entry cause that your animal could look into where you are going while travelling.

For the safety reason we give leash inside the bag with piton for harnesses or collar so that your puppy won’t fall from the bag. The best are two facilities – in the middle of handle there is special material that prevent our shoulder and arms against encroaching and second – there is second, longer belt. We will appreciate it especially during long trips. This belt is removable.

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The bag has special hardening so that cat or dog who weight frm 1-6kg will lie stable what gives comfort for person who is having a bag.

Size: lenght 53cm, width 19cm, high 32cm