Box for toys MONTE CARLO grey


Designing our products Chloe’s Home for dogs and cats we knew, that our Clients are looking for elegant combination, classic design and be user friendly. MONTE CARLO box for toys is connecting this features in one product. Modern and always fashionable stripes are a clue of good taste. Good quality cotton look like great for long time and do not wrinkle.

Box for toys are fit ideal to the MONTE CARLO collection. Embroidery with Chloe’s Home logo with crown makes this box looks unique. It is so wide so that all of your animal toys will fit and not so high so that your cat or dog could take his toys from inside. Upside is made by soft blanket.

Box for toys is made inside by the sponge so you could easily put the box under the bed or to the wardrobe.

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In MONTE CARLO collection you could choose from one of three colors – black and white, pink and white and grey and white.

Dimension: diameter 30cm, high 27cm